Masters opens new Sydney store, with a familiar Retravision face

By Claire Reilly

Masters has opened the newest store in its network ahead of schedule, with customers already filtering in to the Masters Chullora warehouse in Sydney’s western suburbs, more than a week before the official launch is set to take place.

The big-box store – which is laid out in virtually the same footprint as all Masters stores across Australia – showcases a range of products varying from power tools and hardware needs to designer lighting, interior furnishings and a full section dedicated to gardening.

The warehouse also boasts a large appliances section, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, built-in and freestanding cooking appliances and smaller products such as microwaves.

Complementing this line-up are a range of demonstration kitchen configurations featuring appliances from brands including Whirlpool, Fisher & Paykel, Bosch and Venini. The latter is distributed by Think Appliances, alongside Masters’ house brand Prossimo, and joins other well-known brands such as Samsung, Electrolux, Haier, Simposon and Baumatic.

Masters has coordinated a team of designers and fitout specialists to staff the kitchen section, offering consultations and the opportunity for consumers to have their whole kitchen designed and installed by Masters.

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The retailer is also bringing some serious experience into the store with former Retravision veteran Bernard Briscoe-Hough working as the department manager for appliances and the kitchen showroom.

Briscoe-Hough previously worked at John Briscoe’s Retravision, which was started by his father and had stores in Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Bexley and Macquarie Fields. After joining the Masters fold at the Gregory Hills store, he told that he expects the new Chullora warehouse to perform well.

“I came from Retravision after 30-odd years, but my father passed away and we closed all our stores down – that was about 3 years ago now. I’d been in Campbelltown for 30 years and came across to Masters, and I brought a lot of my old clientele with me.

“The thing about the Gregory Hills Masters store was that it was so readily accepted. Here, they’re not doing a hard opening until the 17th so it’s not as rushed. But we’ve had so many people when we open the doors, standing outside the doors wanting to get in. Now they’re walking through the place and seeing what we’ve got. I’ll say by the third week we’ll be run off our feet.

“The pricing structure’s right," he added. "The stock they carry is not the least expensive but probably the best marketed brands. What they’ve put on the deck seems to have been well and truly accepted by the public.”

Former face of Retravision, Bernie Briscoe-Hough, is heading up the appliances department at Masters Chullora.

An overview of the whitegoods in the Chullora warehouse.

The appliances department includes model kitchens with matching appliances, as well as a functional kitchen for cooking demonstrations.

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