Breville toasts 80 years of jaffles in the name of charity

By Claire Reilly

While revellers from around the world mark 13 November as a day to celebrate World Kindness Day or the birth of Whoopi Goldberg, Breville is taking to the streets of Sydney tomorrow to celebrate what it has billed as “Sydney’s first Jaffle Day”.

Breville, which celebrates its 80th birthday this month, will be celebrating its cooking heritage while raising money for The Benevolent Society, offering hot jaffles to morning crowds. Breville jaffle irons will be set up in Sydney’s Wynyard Park on York Street between 7am and 9am tomorrow with three toastie flavours available, all available for a gold coin donation.

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Breville (the brand) has a proud history with the humble jaffle, citing the Macquarie Dictionary which says the “diagonally bisected” jaffle is also known as a “Breville” (the snack).

“The original Breville jaffle maker, released in 1974, was the first toasted snack maker to seal the edges and cut a sandwich in half,” said a Breville spokesperson. “It was the biggest selling small appliance ever at the time and sold more than 400,000 units.  Today this figure has reached more than six million Breville jaffle makers worldwide.”

All money from tomorrow’s event will go to The Benevolent Society’s Taste Mobile Kitchen program, which was established to “help more children in more schools learn how to make healthy food”.

Designs for the original Breville jaffle iron, which was released in 1974.

Breville has updated the jaffle iron's design to for an 80th anniversary rerelease.

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