LG kicks off Christmas TV race with $100,000 cash and movie ticket giveaways

By Patrick Avenell

The fiercely competitive Christmas TV sales drive is officially upon us with LG Electronics today announcing a free movie ticket promotion on selected high-end models in its 3D range. Furthermore, one LG TV consumer will win $100,000 cash.

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Consumers who purchase one of the 14 TVs being promoted in this giveaway will win free movie tickets every week for six months. There is one free movie ticket per week for the entry level of this promotion and a double pass for the higher tier.

All of these consumers will then go into a barrel draw for the $100,000 cash, which will be drawn in early February 2012.

Here are the Tier 1 TVs that attract a single movie pass per week, valued at $500: LM6410 (42”, 55”), LM6450 (60”), LM6700 (42”, 47”, 55”), LM7600 (42”,47”, 55”).

And here are the Tier 2 TVs that attract a double move pass per week, valued at $1,000: LM8600 (47", 55”), LM9600 (55", 60”, 84”).

The promotion runs from 1 November 2012 to 31 December 2012. As always, interested parties should check out the official terms and conditions.

Christmastime has traditionally been the scene of great promotional rivalry among the major TV suppliers. In the past, Sony has given away PlayStation 3s, Panasonic has thrown in home theatre packs and Samsung has supplied a second free TV. In the past, LG has given away Xbox 360 packs with its Christmas TVs.

Although Christmas is still 57 days away, this early promotional announcement is an exciting first blow in this enticing race.

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