UnderCurrent pays tribute to a true Gladiator of the industry

In just a few days time Appliance Retailer, the leading consumer electronics and appliance retail industry magazine and companion title to Current.com.au, will be celebrating its 17th birthday.

Ever one for nostalgia, UnderCurrent took a look back at Appliance Retailer's inaugural issue (seen by readers in October 1995), which was filled with fantastically retro ads and plenty of great stories that echo broader topics and trends that are still facing our industry today.

Despite the passage of time, some things remain unchanged – Microsoft was talking up the launch of Windows 95 (Windows 8 is set to launch next month, and is receiving similar hype), industry insiders spoke about the importance of retail training, and Samsung was advertising its newest lightweight mobile phone.

Best of all, October 1995 was the time when the TV show ‘Gladiators’ was bringing Australians all the fake tan and bulging muscles they could handle, and Sony was in the pages of AR proudly trumpeting its sponsorship of the show.

CRT TVs? Retro PlayStations? Compact Discs? Now that is a blast from the past.

Samsung's lightweight new phone was no Galaxy S III, but it apparently weighed less than a chocolate bar (click picture above for a larger image).

Sony partners with Gladiators. GLADIATORS! (Click picture above for a larger image, where the full glory can be appreciated).

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