Breville moves in to the baby food market, while also targeting big kids

By Patrick Avenell

Breville is making its first significant push into the baby food market with the launch of the Baby Banquet, a two-step solution combining steaming and processing to create a range of different foods for babies.

“Breville’s food preparation appliances haven’t been specifically targeted at this process before,” said business manager, food preparation, Chris Travis. “People will purchase stick mixers for this purpose, or a combination of other things.”

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Combination is the main feature of the Baby Banquet. The steaming head uses automatic cycles to prepare fruit and vegetables, which are then transferred to the blending head to create a fine puree. Both head are controlled independently, so you can already be steaming your next dish while blending the first.

Hey baby! Breville's new Baby Banquet.

Meanwhile, for the bigger kids out there, Travis was particularly excited to reveak the Squeezy Freezy (BSM300, RRP $89). This appliance is a lot of fun, with users able to mix soft drinks, juices and, inevitably, alcohol, with crushed ice to create a cold drink for a hot day.

The Squeezy Freezy promises to create a lot of potable fun over the summer.

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