It’s the same price as an iPhone 5, but much more mobile!

Many technophiles will be lining up to buy the heavily anticipated iPhone 5 when it hits Apple stores and retail outlets today, but there are just as many people who won’t be buying the device.

Perhaps they’ll stick with an Android-based phone, maybe they’ll be leaning towards a Windows 8-powered device, or they could just choose to stay with their current smartphone.

With the entry-level 16GB iPhone costing a pretty $799, UnderCurrent was curious to know what kind of device you could get with that cash if you’re not an Apple lover.

Well, there is one phone that costs $799, is perfectly mobile and will make you stand out wherever you go. Just take your modern day dollars to your nearest time machine and head back to 1989 to buy this great mobile phone from RadioShack.

Are you a boat owner, scout leader or high-powered female executive organising a friend’s wedding while pointing at things? This is the phone for you!

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