Up close and square eyed with Sharp’s 90-inch TV & an 80s boombox

By Claire Reilly in Germany

Sharp's exhibition space at the IFA trade show in Berlin has been converted into a big screen TV lovers paradise as the brand looks to promote its line-up of magnormous and viewmongous LCD panels.

Speaking at the brand's official opening event for IFA, the company's European vice president for AV spoke about the way Sharp was changing the way consumers think about home entertainment.

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"There is more and more demand for large screen TVs," said Alberico Lissoni, vice president consumer electronics, audio/video systems, Europe. "A big screen TV takes you completely inside the action, making you part of whatever you're watching.

"Where previously you might have looked at a home projector, Sharp has for the first time made the true home cinema experience available, and at an affordable price, with all the benefit of the flat screen TV. And when we say big screen, we mean big screen.

According to Lissoni, the 90-inch Sharp TV is the world's largest commercially available flat screen TV, and it offers 175 per cent more viewing area than a 55-inch model.

Current.com.au had the opportunity to get up close to the 90-inch behemoth, and while every attempt to use words such as "spectacularge" might described the size, it really has to be seen to be believed.

In other Sharp news, the company also used its opening press conference to unveil a retro-style boom box, complete with MC-Hammer-friendly carry strap.

Unlike stereo systems from the golden era, this "80s revival boombox", as Lissoni called it, features an iPod docking station as well as AirPlay compatibility and inputs for electric guitar or microphone at the back.

Let's hope that the return of the boombox form factor doesn't bring with it the arrival of parachute pants and clock necklaces.

Sharp's new 80s style boombox, which has an iDock, AirPlay and jacks for musical instruments.

Sharp's new 90-inch TV.

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