Recalled Sunbeam electric blankets just a precaution, no injuries reported, claims CEO

By Patrick Avenell

Sunbeam has today issued a recall notice on two electric blanket ranges sold as trade brands through Retravision and Myer stores. The brand names are Sunbeam Regency (Retravision) and Heritage by Sunbeam (Myer).

Sunbeam CEO David Jackson, in an interview with Appliance Retailer, said this recall was precautionary and that no injuries or damage had been reported.

“We sold these electric blankets to Retravision and Myer between 2010 and 2012. Unfortunately, there’s a slight possibility that the electrical power cord, at an area where it connects into the blanket, could become fatigued and result in a safety hazard,” Jackson said.

“The unusual situation here is that there have been no reported failures of this power cord, there have been no injuries and the product still complies with all Australian safety standards. However, because we feel that there’s a possibility of a safety hazard, we are going to undertake the recall, purely as a precautionary measure.

“Consumer safety is extremely important to us – we’re very conservative and careful in this respect – and the pure fact that there is a potential risk out there results in the fact that we think we need to undertake this recall.”

To identify model numbers, consumers are advised to check the “care label” sewn on to the blanket.

For Sunbeam Regency, the model numbers are: BA412R, BA415R, BA442R and BA445R. For Heritage by Sunbeam, the model numbers are: BA412C, BA415C, BA442C and BA445C.

Affected consumers should immediately cease using the product and contact Sunbeam on 1300 138 774 or via the website Sunbeam is offering replacements and refunds for affected consumers.

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  1. Terry Wagar Jr Tue 10 Feb 2015 at 7:28 pm #

    Hello, my son bought me my favorite NHL Hockey Team electric blanket, I won’t divulge the team name for fear of them being so bad this year, you may decide to not replace it? Lol, but seriously, it worked fine for me, as its my savior as a chronic pain sufferer. But much like the Oilers, seems to have stopped working all together and the orange light just continually flashes? Yes I understand by displaying my team, I have now possibly canceled out any warranty, lol, so maybe in sympathy of a poor old guy who is LOYAL, you might give me a break? Of course if this product is in fact recalled? Lol, thank you and hope to hear from you before trade deadline March 02/15

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