BenQ sponsors the other other Games

When UnderCurrent was today informed that monitor brand BenQ would this year extend its ‘sponsorship of games’ our interest was piqued. The games? The Olympic games? We hadn’t noticed that BenQ was a sponsor for the gigantic global event!

So we did a little digging. Upon closer inspection, UnderCurrent learnt that BenQ would be the monitor sponsor for a “major international gaming event”, but this event is less about swimming and athletics and a little bit more about mouse clicking and headset wearing. That’s right, BenQ will be providing the monitors “used by the world’s most respected gamers at the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament”.

Clearly the second biggest games for 2012, UnderCurrent has learned that this year’s Intel Extreme Masters Tournament will see elite gamers pitted against each other in elite gaming combat.

For a clearer idea on just what that would mean, UnderCurrent found the below video. From our understanding these games will make the London Olympics flare budget look like pocket money.

(It is well worth watching until the end, when you will see a special appearance from a Harry Potter-esque Triwizard Cup followed by elite gamers pulling some Grade-A high fives).

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