Introducing the latest multi-appliance: a rangehood that rocks out

By Claire Reilly

While Australian consumers wait in vain for an induction cooking surface that doubles as a TV, or an oven that can also be used as a dishwasher, the select-distribution appliance brand Teka has unveiled a new rangehood designed for audiophiles, which bridges the multi-appliance divide.

The Teka rangehood has a traditional stainless steel construction and linear shape; however on the front of the vent features an in-built docking station for connecting an iPod or iPhone. Like many other audio brands that market accessories for Apple products, Teka has opted to tag the rangehood with the iMoniker, calling it the iHood Canopy Rangehood.

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The rangehood features 3 speeds plus intensive mode, removable dishwasher-safe filters, an electronic display with touch controls and LED lighting.

As with other Teka products sold in Australia, the product will only be available through the local retailer/distributor Appliance Sales Direct, either through its online portal or in its two associated bricks and mortar stores operating under the Rawsons Elite Appliances banner. The product is "coming soon" and will be available for RRP $$2,799.

The rangehood has an advertised output volume of 45 decibels, which should go some way to helping consumers select appropriate music genres and volumes.

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