Appliances Online’s growing consumer base rewarded with toy Dysons

UnderCurrent is a child at heart – its favourite TV shows are Blue's Clues, Blue Water High and NYPD Blue – so it was thrilled to receive a toy Dyson vacuum cleaner in an Appliances Online press kit today.

The online arm of Winning Appliances is currently on a PR drive, spruiking the following statistics:

-Site traffic has grown 109 per cent year-on-year to June 2012.
-Time spent online has grown from five minutes per visit to six minutes.
-Staff numbers have almost doubled during the last 12 monhts: from 80 to 150.

UnderCurrent's favourite stat, however, was this little chestnut concerning sales:

"In 2011, sales growth was at 89 per cent and [in its] first six years of operation, Appliances Online has achieved 100 per cent year-on-year sales growth."

Of course, Appliances Online won't share any actual amounts, so UnderCurrent will just have to trust their PR-ecentages…

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