Harvey Norman invests heavily in Westinghouse solar power

Harvey Norman Commercial has placed an enormous order for solar power system from Westinghouse Solar, via its wholesaler CBD Energy. The order is for 5 megawatts, which is greater than the total output of Westinghouse Solar during the whole of 2011.

Harvey Norman’s increased move into a large-scale solar power offering is in line with several other retailers that have begun expanding into this nascent category, such as Retravision WA.

“We are excited to see such early and significant results of the collaborative efforts of CBD in selling our products,” said Westinghouse Solar CEO Margaret Randazzo. “To put this agreement in perspective, this order results in an increase that more than doubles our volume of shipments from the preceding year.

And here’s CBD Energy CEO Gerry McGowan:

“While CBD has been the main supplier of solar panels to Harvey Norman Commercial Division for a number of years, the size and scope of this agreement validates our assessment that there is an appetite for Westinghouse Solar’s innovative products in the Australian market.

“Harvey Norman Commercial Division recognised the superior ease of use and safety of the systems combined with the strength of the Westinghouse brand.

“The results of this activity clearly illustrate that Westinghouse Solar product is well positioned to be a global class leader.”

Harvey Norman Commercial franchisee Alan Stephenson said the famous Westinghouse brand was central to this purchasing decision.

“When CBD presented us with the Westinghouse branded, integrated ‘plug-and-play’ solar power systems, with less parts, superior safety and faster install times, we jumped at the opportunity to offer these products to our customers.

“Having a brand like Westinghouse to market is a great advantage for us.

“Unlike other regions of the world, the uptake of solar is quite strong, with over 830 megawatts sold in the Australian market last year. We look forward to having this differentiated product.

“Harvey Norman Commercial Division has been selling to the Building Industry for over 12 years. In addition to supplying kitchen, bathroom items, hot water and air conditioning systems, we have established a solar business, which we believe, will be a market leader.

“With Australian power pricing continuing to rise, we are continuing to see very strong demand for solar installations as we are already at grid parity.”

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