Retravision Northern building up for sale as unification nears completion

By Patrick Avenell

The Retravision Northern building is currently being sold and there is only a handful of staff left at the head office, according to Retravision WA CEO Paul Holt.

While Retravision Southern is currently in the process of administration, the migration of Retravision Northern members to a unified Retravision Australia based in Western Australia has progressed steadily and is almost complete.

“Once we finished the due diligence with Northern, we realised that business appeared to be in relatively good order, and we started to migrate, and that migration is nearly finished,” said Holt.

“We’re 90 per cent done with unification as far as Northern is concerned. We’re currently in the process of selling the Northern building — there’s only about six staff left in their organisation there.

“We’re paying suppliers’ accounts for Northern out of the Western office — that whole process is all but complete.”

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In a media release sent to last night, Retravision Northern CEO Philip Scarff sought to reassure the industry that the problems faced by Retravision Southern have not spread to his buying group.

"It is important that this message is communicated so people can continue to shop with confidence at Retravision stores throughout Queensland and Northern NSW,” Scarff said in a statement. “We are very positive about the year ahead and are enjoying solid sales as well as strong community support.

"Stores in Queensland and in Northern NSW are not connected to the issues being faced down south and its 'business as usual' for Retravision Northern stores.”

Despite the departure several weeks ago of the project manager for Retravision’s online retail business, codenamed Retravision Direct, Holt said the program will soon be restarted.

“The online business we put on hold – not scrapped at all,” he told

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