Staying in the loop: Jobla job alerts offer more than just new employment

By Claire Reilly

When there’s talk that the economy is slowing down or the retail industry is tight, it can be difficult to justify leaving your current employment situation to seek out work in greener pastures.

According to one industry expert, hunting around for a better job isn’t always something to do when you are unemployed, and doesn’t necessarily require hours of trawling job websites.

Paul Humberstone, general manager of recruitment services for Jobla (the niche job website created by The Intermedia Group, publisher of, said that job alerts are the ideal way to stay in touch with job opportunities, even if you don’t consider yourself an active job seeker.

“Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a job alert, where job seekers select criteria such as Classification, Work Type, Location, or Salary, and have jobs matching those criteria emailed directly to them,” said Humberstone.

“The evolution of internet-enabled mobile devices has further enhanced the convenience and time saving benefits of this functionality. You can review your latest job matches anywhere that you can read your email, such as on your mobile phone on the bus on the way to and from work.

“Most commonly, job alerts are associated with actively looking for a new job, and as such, aren’t utilised by those that don’t consider themselves active job seekers.

“Truth be told, almost all of us are open to new opportunities, should the right one be presented. Creating a job alert means that you will never miss an opportunity when it arises, and if you’ll only consider moving for your dream job, you can be highly specific with your criteria when you create your alert.”

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Humberstone also noted that these sorts of alerts provide plenty of useful information for people who aren’t keeping an eye out for a new job.

“Until your dream job arises, you can use your job alert to keep an eye on current salary rates and have more information to negotiate your next salary increase,” he said.

“They can also be a useful tool for employers, enabling you to stay abreast of industry hiring trends, track demand for specific types of jobs, know the current market salary rates or to simply monitor your own job adverts.”

Jobla has a range of job search tools, including searches specifically tailored for the consumer electronics and appliance retail industry. To create a dedicated job alert, click here.

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