Sony PS Vita launches in Uncharted Sydney waters

By Nick Broughall

Anchored in Sydney’s Farm Cove, the HMAS PS Vita may not have had the impressive weaponry found on traditional Australian Navy vessels, but it did have a large collection of the country’s first PlayStation Vita consoles for its official Australian launch.

With a secondary barge providing entertainment to the assembled media and industry – including a live performance by Empire of the Sun – the event was a showcase for the wide lineup of launch games, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048.

Incorporating a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, dual analogue control sticks and a touch sensitive rear control, the PS Vita is a device designed for mobile gaming, a fact that Sony Computer Australia MD Michael Ephraim was keen to point out.

“Our target market for the PS Vita launch for this year is the active gamer, with the intention to satisfy these distinct gaming needs,” Ephraim said at the launch.

“We’re taking a long term and committed view on PSVita as a platform, just as we did with PS3 and continue to do so today.  This life cycle perspective means we’re not just committed to how we launch this week, but what we do in the coming months and years that ensures PSVita remains future proof and always compelling.”

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Available in two SKUs from tomorrow – a WiFi version for $349.95 and a WI-Fi + 3G version for $419.95 – the PSVita will initially only be available to purchase through specialist gaming retailers and major electronics stores, with discount retailers Big W, Target and Kmart all missing out on stock at launch.

Sony Computer Entertainment has also partnered with Vodafone to release the 3G version of the device on a $55 plan over 12 months with a 1.5GB monthly data allowance. The 3G version will also be available through selected retailers for $419.95 with a bundled prepaid SIM including 200MB of data.

Michael Ephraim, MD of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia & New Zealand, with the device.

The PS Vita in action.

Guests were treated to the musical stylings and quirky headwear of Empire of the Sun.

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