LG voluntarily recalls 24 side-by-side refrigerator models

By Patrick Avenell

LG Electronics will tomorrow (Friday) officially announce a voluntary recall on 24 models of refrigerators originally sold between 2002 and 2006.

An LG spokesperson told Appliance Retailer that the supplier discovered “that the micro-switch inside the ice maker in these fridges has the potential to deteriorate and cause the ice-maker to malfunction. In an extreme case there is a possible risk of fire.”

A full list of models and serial numbers is at the bottom of this story.

Customers affected by this recall are asked to call LG on 1800 506 154 to organise for a speedy repair of these side-by-side fridges.

LG stressed that whilst this recall is voluntary and the risk of any injury is extremely rare, any risk is considered too much.

“LG takes the firm position that no risk is acceptable to its consumers and has taken the decisive action to ensure consumer safety by organising a voluntary recall,” said the spokesperson.

“LG Electronics Australia is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in all of our products and continuing public trust in the LG brand and will be working with the factories to ensure such issues do not arise again.”

More information on this recall can be found at lg.com.au/fridgerecall.

List of recalled LG refrigerators:

Model Number – Serial Number Beginning with
GR-L257NI – 201~512
GR-G267TV – 201~512
GR-L267NI – 201~512
GR-L267NIS – 201~602
GR-P277NI – 201~512
GR-L247NI – 201~412
GR-L247WV – 201~412
GR-L247NIS – 201~512
GR-L247WVS – 201~512
GR-D267DTU – 201~312
GR-L207NI – 201~412
GR-L207WV – 201~412
GR-L207EQ – 201~212
GR-L207NIS – 401~512
GR-L207WVS – 401~512
GR-L247WH – 301~312
GR-L247ER – 201~212
GR-L247NSS – 501~509
GR-L197WVS – 401~509
GR-L197VS – 501~509
GR-L197NIS – 501~509
GR-P197WVS – 501~509
GR-L247TS – 201~412
GR-L247TSS – 401~501

LG advises that if consumers are unsure where to find the model number of their refrigerator, they should look on the wall inside the right door.

2 Responses to LG voluntarily recalls 24 side-by-side refrigerator models

  1. David Cullen Fri 20 Mar 2015 at 6:37 am #

    I have a LG Fridge GR-G267TV and i was wondering how i get my fridge repaired as my fridge is broken and needs repair for this recall !!

  2. Graham mills Tue 23 Jun 2015 at 6:56 am #

    Hi I was unawere of the recall and have a Gr-L197wvs and need repairs !

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