Design, colours and ‘grab and go’ performance keep Ergorapido ahead of the pack

Electrolux, a global leader in home and professional appliances, created an entirely new market segment for “instant cleaning” when it launched the first Ergorapido in 2005. Today the ‘instant’ category is the fastest growing category in floor care.

“More and more Australians want a truly instant vacuum cleaner close at hand as their busy lifestyles pushes the trend from just deep weekly cleaning to more ‘a number of times a day’ instant cleaning,” says John Mahar, Managing Director at Electrolux Floor Care Australia. “There is big growth potential in this still new segment which we will continue to aggressively lead with this new version of Ergorapido.”

Ergorapido boasts a range of unique features that have kept it ahead of the pack, one of these being a thoughtful, ergonomic design. Ergorapido’s sleek modern contours are unlike any other cordless cleaner, not an eyesore and have earned the prestigious Red Dot design award in Europe. Innovative ergonomic smarts such as the rubber parking strip, storage of tools in the stand are unique to this product.

Design smarts are complimented with 4 fashion colours; Cassis Purple, Pastel Green, Fresh Yellow, and Antique Steel. “Colours in general are highly emotional for consumers,” says Mahar. “These products are like eye candy, creating an emotional bond between the product and consumers” Colour has become a significant factor as Electrolux in-store research shows that consumers generally choose the first appliance they interact with 50% of the time.

However what really make Ergorapido shine is its instant, ‘grab and go’ functionality. Unlike other battery powered models, Ergorapido is stored on a charging stand, always ready for action. A double pivot head affords incredible maneuverability, allowing easy movement in and around furniture. The low centre of gravity, unlike competitor models makes handling as light as possible, meaning anyone including kids and the elderly can use it with ease. Like previous generations of Ergorapido, the handheld unit clicks out to clean furniture, tables or the interior of the car.

Ergorapido also features an LED headlight built into the nozzle to make it easier to see that the visible dust gets picked up, ensuring nothing gets missed in darker corners and under furniture.

The cleaner’s cyclonic centrifugal force action separates the dust particles from the airflow and when combined with the motorised brush, Ergorapido can pick up hairs, fibers, dust and crumbs from hard floor and carpets – and in an instant.

Electrolux has more than 65% market share in this segment that is poised for further growth.

Ergorapido is available at all leading electrical retailers, RRP of $219.

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