IT and smartphones strong performers: GfK

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Yesterday revealed a 21 per cent fall in the small appliances sector and a 19 per cent fall in the consumer electronics sector for Q4 2010, according to GfK figures. On the other end of the spectrum is IT and telecoms, which turned out much more positive results.

For telecoms (-0.4 per cent) this is due to the smartphone explosion. According to the GfK report, smartphones now account for one in two phones purchased, compared with less than one in five in 2009. Emerging technologies such as touchscreens, apps and increased connectivity are further propelling the category.

In the IT (-2.7 per cent) category it is consumer appetite and access to digital media that has spurred sales across the notebook, storage and networking devices categories. Continued declines in the average notebook price resulted in extremely strong, double-digit unit growth rates, said GfK.

Revenue for the $18.4 billion consumer technology industry in Australia fell by 6.1 per cent in 2010, not due to a lack of sales, but price deflation and a bargain hungry consumer, said the GfK Temax report.

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