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MobileShopper is here, Australia’s first fully transactional mCommerce solution provided by DigiPoS Store Solutions.


Retailers currently have several options to reach their consumers: traditional retail store fronts, eCommerce and social networking sites, however MobileShopper combines all these elements into the one centrally managed mCommerce platform. 

MobileShopper is a Smartphone-based application that integrates online shopping with the in-store experience, bridging the gap between a retailer’s bricks and mortar stores and their eCommerce websites. Effectively becoming the glue between the two parts of their business, which are typically not integrated.

The app offers many benefits to both consumers and retailers, taking advantage of features such as self check-out capabilities, extended packing, CRM, promotions and targeting messaging.

MobileShopper addresses the ever increasing demand that retailers are faced with – consumers who want information now, when it is convenient to them! Not only does MobileShopper instantly gratify this need, it also provides retailers with an effective marketing tool to potentially influence a consumer’s buying pattern at the point of decision – rather than after they have left the store.

The app currently runs on the Apple iPhone but will soon be available on Google’s Android and Blackberry. It will be free for consumers to download, whilst retailers will pay based on adoption.
 The architecture has been designed to easily integrate into a retailer’s existing infrastructure, therefore providing protection against existing investments.

For more information on MobileShopper from DigiPoS Store Solutions, please call on +61 2 8338 3333 or click here

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