Nintendo talks up DS sales but refuses to answer price gouging questions

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nintendo Australia might be keen on getting free publicity to promote how popular its DS models are but it’s not as eager to provide answers to these same consumers who make its consoles so popular.

After last week’s mammoth price gouging debate, forwarded a list of questions to Nintendo seeking clarification on exactly why there was a $100 price difference between the US and Australian recommended prices. After not receiving any response to these questions, we then asked Nintendo if we should expect a response – not even that basic question was deemed worthy of reply.

It would seem that Nintendo is a company that only likes to talk about how many consumers it has, rather than talking to them about its policies.

For the record, Nintendo has today reported that combined sales of its four Nintendo DS products (DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL) totalled 520,000 units during 2010. This figure makes the DS the best selling console on the Australian market, according to Nintendo citing GfK figures.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Wii has now sold 2 million units since its original launch. During 2010, 420,000 Wii units were sold.

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