It’s official, LG announces a 3D smartphone

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: The Korean mobile manufacturer has announced its intention to unveil what it describes as the world’s first full 3D smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Spain later this month.

A statement from LG is scant on details for the new Optimus 3D though it does say that the market’s current misgiving of 3D – lack of content – will be addressed with a platform for a “one of a kind experience on a mobile device.”

“LG’s most advanced smartphone to date will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording, a glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing and diverse connectivity options such as HDMI and DNLA for 3D content sharing anytime, anywhere,” said the statement issued this morning to the Australian press.

Details of the Optimus 3D will be revealed during the congress, which will be held from 14 February to 17 February in Barcelona, Spain.

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