Gizmo appoints McAfee as preferred protection supplier

SYDNEY, NSW: Gizmo, a PC services company specialising in over-the-phone and in-home consultations, has appointed McAfee as its preferred partner for internet security. Gizmo’s services are currently sold directly to the consumer or via redeemable cards in consumer electronics retail stores.

“We recently conducted our own testing of internet software available in the market, and found McAfee to be the best security software, because of its greater effectiveness in malware detection and [because it] doesn’t slow down the computer as automatic scans and updates occur when the PC is idle,” said Gizmo CEO Ben Ashton.

“Security is a major issue affecting families, and they value the expert advice provided by Gizmo. Our partnership with Gizmo will raise awareness of this key issue among consumers, as well as provide them a real-time security solution that instantly analyses and blocks new and emerging threats in milliseconds so they are better protected against spam and malware attacks,” said McAfee consumer and small business director, Monica Kelly.

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