Despicable Foxtel set to broadcast Australia’s first 3D movie

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Foxtel is adding another milestone to the development of 3D in Australia, with the first scheduled 3D film premiere today announced.

Up to now, the most common 3D broadcast – in fact almost all of them – have been of major sporting events, such as the State of Origin, the AFL Grand Final and the US PGA. Now, a new reason to invest in both Foxtel and a 3D TV has been unveiled.

Despicable Me 3D will be the first film shown in Australia in 3D, with Foxtel charging $7 to view the film through its iQ2 box set. The film will premiere through Foxtel’s On Demand network on Thursday 27 January 2011, with HD and SD versions in 2D also available at reduced prices.

To entice Foxtel subscribers to upgrade to Foxtel On Demand IPTV solution, the subscription TV provider is giving away 30 Samsung 50-inch 3D TVs, plus a pair of glasses. To be eligible to win this prize, valued at over RRP $2,500, new users need to connect between 27 January 2011 and 25 February 2011.

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