3D golf just the start of shift to normalisation of technology

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Commonplace 3D, built around increased content and user generated content, will be a strong theme of 2011, according to Sony’s most senior local GM. As 3D television coverage this week expanded to include golf, Sony Australia’s Jeremy Senior predicted that 3D is set to escape its novelty cage and become cemented in the mainstream.

“In much the same way as smart TV applications are set to become more popular in 2011, 3D will become more commonplace,” Senior said. “We really see 2011 as the year that 3D gets personal.”

At the same time that this story was posted, Fox Sports 3D was broadcasting certain holes from the final round of the 2011 Sony Open in 3D. With this event the first full field tournament of the 2011 PGA calendar, it is now close to a certainty that at least the four golfing majors will also be available, at least in part, in 3D.

Senior thinks that this is indicative of 3D’s continual move into modern lives. In addition to more content, more 3D content creation tools are expected this year.

“Sony will launch a range of products that truly embrace the format and allow consumers to create their own 3D content that supplements what is delivered by the studios.

“Australians are now familiar with the current 3D concept, but we see this next step as a strong selling point for retailers, who can now sell 3D across a whole range of products, from Bloggies to Cyber-shots and Handycams, through to 3D Vaio [PC computers] and of course the expansion of the current 3D Bravia range.”

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