Ipswich Riverlink shopping centre closed due to flooding (images)

By Patrick Avenell

IPSWICH, QLD: The Riverlink Shopping Centre in Ipswich, which is home to JB Hi-Fi, Coles, Kmart and Aldi stores, has been closed indefinitely by the flooding in the city. Current.com.au has obtained these exclusive images of the shopping centre, which reveal just how devastating the flooding has been.

The Good Life gym next to the flooded carpark.

The David Trumby Bridge, which stands adjacent to the Riverlink Shopping Centre.

Here you can see just how high the water levels are in relation to the carpark.

Ipswich residents observe the flooding from the David Trumby Bridge.

This is the view of the shopping centre from the David Trumby Bridge.

The Ipswich Transit Centre is almost consumed by the flooding.

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