Educating retailers to capture the eco-conscious consumer: Bosch

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Consumers requiring an incentive to purchase a new dishwasher may be persuaded by the results of a survey that has found dishwashers are more efficient than hand washing when fully loaded. 

Using a 3 Star rated dishwasher to clean a 12 place dinner setting will save approx 60 litres of water compared with hand washing, according to the survey.

In response, Bosch home appliances product manager for dishwashing, Robin Werth, told that resource efficient dishwashers use a fraction of the amount of water required to wash dishes by hand and how Bosch will communicate this to retailers.

“We are in the process of sending out information packs to retailers outlining the eco-benefits of the new [ActiveWater Plus] dishwashers, specifically the low water usage,” said Werth.

“This year we also ran a TV commercial communicating the benefits of dishwashing over hand washing with the key message being that Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers use up to 5 times less water and up to 60 per cent less energy than hand washing.

"Bosch continues to support the use of green technology and the efficient use of resources.  Using from as little as 10.3 litres to wash up to 15 place settings, these new ActiveWater Plus models are Australia’s most water efficient dishwashers and are the only 5.5 Star WELS rated dishwashers on the market.”

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