New dedicated online TV channel for retailers

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Retailers with a few minutes to spare in their day can see news, interviews and innovations targeted at a global audience on or on iTunes podcasts that will be updated every few weeks.

The United Kingdom-based site, the brainchild of Dan Munford and Peter Knott, has already attracted 30,000 subscribers and will soon feature an interview with 7-Eleven Australia CEO Warren Wilmott.

“We started dreaming about a TV channel for the retail sector nine months ago. I never doubted we’d be able to do it, but what has been remarkable is the huge level of interest shown,” said Munford in a statement.

“We identified that there was a gap in the international retail market for showcasing different retail innovations in a TV format which is why we came up with this convenient way to share the latest retail ideas and developments.”

International appliance suppliers are also using the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations.

“Retail Vision has proven itself as an exciting and effective new channel,” said John Austin-Davies, product marketing director of refrigeration manufacturers Epta. “It has been interesting to receive comment from those operating in this market, and I know that one major food retailer in particular has directed many people to the video, as it is very significant for their business.”

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