The 12 Gadgets of Christmas – Sunbeam Cool Creations

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: In a novel addition to our novel review series, we look at Sunbeam’s novelty appliance range, which is grouped under the Cool Creations sub-brand. Today’s poem is the ballad, an evergreen lyrical poem can that can take make shapes and sizes, depending on the author.

Sunbeam Cool Creations – A Ballad Review

Cornelius is a popcorn maker,
That can do it all in one,
From kernel to a “healthy” snack,
With a butter tray for some.

Avalanche the penguin,
Can crush ice to cool you down,
No freezer moulds, just ice cubes,
For a blizzard of snow finely ground.

Snowy makes gelato, yoghurt and ice cream,
A snowman with one litre to decant,
He has non-slip feet and a clear viewing lid,
And can make sorbet for the dairy intolerant.

But if dairy isn’t your thing then Mooooon Shaker isn’t for you,
She’s a milkshake making cow,
With aeration discs for bubbles much,
A three crazy straws for added wow.

Sprinkles makes five doughnuts at once,
For whenever that need is arising,
These treats are authentic and now timely,
With Krispy Kremes currently downsizing.

Choccy is a fondue fountain,
With warm cocoa goo instead of cheese,
It heats and rotates and is easy to clean,
Which should make it easy to please.

Finally there is Eggo, who likes to cook and poach,
A rooster unlike others, a rooster that is strange,
He has two egg cups and tweets when he is done,
He is the least exciting appliance in the Cool Creation range.

All told these seven friends make great gifts,
They’re a credit to the word novelty,
So if you have kids or are young at heart,
Throw one under the Christmas tree.

(Patrick Avenell)

Sunbeam Cool Creations range: Cornelius (RRP $44.95), Avalanche (RRP $54.95), Snowy (RRP $54.95), Mooooon (RRP $44.95), Sprinkles (RRP $44.95), Choccy (RRP $74.95), Eggo (RRP $44.95).

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