Meet the man who paid $300 for Gran Turismo 5

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Earlier this week, asked the question: who would pay $300 for a deluxe Gran Turismo 5 pack? Within hours of that question being posed, we had our answer.

Meet Sydney warehouse administrator Jason Demente. He’s a 30-year-old gaming fan who moonlights as an audio engineer and producer. Although he admits that parting with $300 for a console video game was a tough choice, he believes he made the right decision.

“I pondered whether to break the $300 seal,” mused the affable Demente, “but the urge to seek what lied beneath proved to be too strong — I’ve been waiting nearly five years for this.”

We asked Demente to explain his reaction as he unpacked the Signature Edition, which he paid the RRP for online at

“Inside everything is perfectly laid out, all in their own little pockets, all brand new and never touched. The Apex and the other photo book are amazing. Inside, you’ll find beautiful pictures, in depth knowledge and car history throughout the pages.

“The model AMG is cute, something that you would not be ashamed to place in your wall cabinet, if you have enough space. Next we have the personal accessories: a GT5 Wallet, keychain and USB key; all which are quite well made, not flimsy freebies you would usually expect.

“Last but not least: GT5 the game. First and foremost to push such amazing visuals from the PS3 is astounding, really no other game compares. The physics though is a breakthrough, no other game feels like the real thing, feels like GT5. I am an avid car gamer the driving feel and physics are second to none.”

There’s no doubt Demente is a big fan on console gaming. So big, in fact, that in these images, you can see just how much he has invested in his love of gaming.

This is Jason Demente, the proud owner of Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition.

The GT5 pack taking pride of place amongst some absolutely classic gaming systems. The Genie is a personal favourite.

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