Regional retailers to make opportunity of digital radio rollout

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: The meeting, held in Sydney yesterday, was made up of regional operators including ACE Radio, Bathurst Broadcasters, Hot Tomato, Southern Cross Media, Prime Radio, Red FM, Radio Outback, West Coast Radio, Win Radio North East Broadcasters, and Radio Outback.

The broadcasters agreed that regional DAB+ will be the “backbone” technology to be rolled out in regional Australia, which will be entitled to receive the same spectrum access as metropolitan broadcasters.

The meeting also concluded that digital radio planning for regional areas should be conducted concurrently with the analogue television switch off, which began in Mildura in June 2010.

Commercial Radio Australia CEO, Joan Warner, said commercial radio broadcasters will be seeking discussions with the Federal Government for financial support for the regional roll out.

"Commercial regional television operators have enjoyed significant financial levels of support from previous and current Federal Governments for the costs of rollout of digital television; and regional commercial radio broadcasters look forward to receiving a Government commitment of support for regional radio and its millions of listeners," said Warner in a statement.

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