Consumer waistlines down, retailer profits up…

Marketed in Australia by Black and Stone, BodyMedia FIT is a highly advanced, wearable body monitoring device that accurately tracks metabolism, physical activity, calorie burn and sleep. BodyMedia FIT is the ideal tool for people trying to lose weight, eat right or stay fit.

BodyMedia FIT Features:

  • Accurately tracks calorie burn, metabolism and physical activity
  • Monitors sleep duration and quality
  • Fully customisable calorie logging facility
  • USB connectivity
  • Compact, wearable, lightweight and comfortable
  • Simple and easy to use

Launched in Australia in November, the BodyMedia FIT Armband is the result of over ten years’ research and development in the US where it has won awards for its unique combination of design and smart technology.
BodyMedia FIT allows consumers to have access to body monitoring technology that was once only available to medical professionals and researchers. Research laboratories have paid more than $3000 for the complete BodyMedia system.  Now it is available to everyday users for under $500, including three months free subscription to the BodyMedia Activity Manager which costs approximately $8.00 a month for a 12-months subscription.

In a recent press statement Black and Stone’s managing director, Mr Graham Brake said that an expansion into the fitness market was a natural ‘next step’ for Black and Stone as there are increasing opportunities for appliance and electronics retailers in the health and fitness markets, as witnessed in the US.

'We have been closely watching the US market and have seen an increasing synergy between the appliance industry and the rapidly expanding fitness and wellness industry; this is shown by massive USA electronics retailer Best Buy moving into the fitness industry.' 'Best Buy sees the value of the growing wellness and fitness industry, estimated at approximately $500 US billion annually,' he said.

Mr Brake said that Australian appliance retailers looking to follow the US lead would do well by making in-roads into the health and fitness industry, with health and wellness products such as BodyMedia FIT.

BS100734: Armband and Clip On Display: RRP $499.00
BS 100736: Armband: RRP $429.00
To learn more about BodyMedia FIT visit us at:   or, to become a BodyMedia FIT retailer, contact Black and Stone by email:   or phone: +61 2 4861 4546

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