Retailers won’t be sidestepped by suppliers selling online

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: According to a recent survey, 94 per cent of Australians would consider buying from manufacturers directly, however an industry insider has contacted with their views on whether online retailers will be bypassed by shoppers wanting to purchase direct from suppliers.

“It will be a long, long time in this country before the majority of manufacturers in whites or browns or cooking or IT start selling direct to the consumer.”

“Sure, a handful of brands currently offer direct online sales of some goods at full RRP, or they sell peripheral/low value items like small audio, remote controls et cetera direct to the consumer — but it’s a very small part of overall business.

“You just know what reaction the suppliers would get from Gerry Harvey, Andrew Muir or Terry Smart if say Electrolux, LG, Sharp, Acer, Asus, De’Longhi, Blanco or Panasonic said they were going to compete with their retail channel partners and sell their full product range direct to consumers at discounted prices.

“Gerry or Andrew would simply say ‘Come and get your products out of our stores – today’.”

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