Haier is a ‘powerhouse global brand’: Aussie GM

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Having recently been awarded the number one position in global major appliances rankings for 2010 by Euromonitor International (for the second year running), the Haier Group is in a celebratory mood, Richard Bowe told Current.com.au. And the confidence boost for Haier Australia is palpable.

“It’s quite an achievement for the home brand and it sends a good message; it’s nice to have that number one position and it also shows the growing respect and demand for Haier’s innovation,” Bowe said.

Bowe, who was with Fisher & Paykel for almost 18 years working in New Zealand and internationally, has been recently charged with growing the Haier brand within the Australian market.

“We’re excited here about [the ranking] in Australia; though we have some work to do here on the home front…we need to grow the numbers.”

The 6.1 per cent global share in major appliances for the Haier Group does not specifically represent the Australian office, yet.

Going into the New Year, Bowe said he thought the company was in a “much, much stronger position” due to its rebranding.

“Haier is making a real effort to get the products to where they need to be and moving away from perhaps the perceived value of Chinese products.

“We have attempted to rebuild the brand in the sense that we’ve given it a new look and a new feel for Generation Y. We’ve been quite unashamedly open with who our target market is and why we’re targeting them.

“The ‘Live a Haier life’ campaign was certainly a positive one; it’s been received very, very well. All the feedback that we’re getting from our outsourced agencies is that we’re getting cut through on the advertising, so we’re certainly lifting the profile of the brand Haier.

“Our consideration to purchase has leapt considerably and that’s really positive that people are now starting to understand who Haier are and what they are.

“Having the backing of Fisher & Paykel is very important because our service and customer care is under that umbrella and I think that’s very important for that negativity we’re trying to change, we’re giving it a better look and obviously the product speaks for itself.

“Overall it’s just given the company a real lift and we’ve seen some fantastic support from our retail channel partners.”

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