Panasonic Lumix triumphs as Australia’s top sales value compact camera brand

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: On the back of a difficult retail year for the consumer electronics category and widespread price deflation, Panasonic has happily announced its Lumix compact camera range, not including DSLR, has ranked first for retail sales value for the 12 months to October 2010, as tracked by GfK.

“Innovative” and “groundbreaking” products aside, Panasonic credits this year’s “biggest-ever” Lumix marketing campaign for the achievement. The strategy included advertisements on free and pay TV, targeted magazines and online advertising.

Alistair Robins, group marketing manager, Lumix, Panasonic Australia said: “This has been a great year for Lumix in Australia.  The brand has gone from strength-to-strength and with our biggest compact line up yet we believe this growth will continue through 2011.  Our camera range is gaining respect from consumers and media alike and is now a key player in the camera market.”

The compact range has increased from 4 to 21 models since its initial launch in 2002.

“To date, Lumix is still tracking as number one in value. The popular TZ10 also ranked as the number one super zoom camera in sales value, and the DMC-FT1 was the number one in the fixed lens compact segment and the ‘Tough’ segment, in sales value.”

Panasonic has also claimed success with its G Series Micro Four Thirds cameras, and recently unveiled its second-generation LUMIX GH2 and GF2.

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