A white Christmas for TVs

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Bush Australia sales director Brian Rodgers told Current.com.au that people look for different options in the market, and that differentiation is critical. Rodgers said that the white panels, in smaller sizes specifically, were performing well. He also pointed out that price deflation in the TV market was not a new phenomenon.

“This time last year we were complaining as well, and the market continues to suffer. There’s a lot of treading water quickly to stay afloat,” Rodgers said.

“The small screen TV market is still reasonably good, especially during this time of year. Not everyone is looking for a large screen for their bedrooms or offices and people like white.”

For that reason, Grundig has reintroduced a series of Misuro LCD and Vanto+ LED LCD TVs available for the holiday season only.

“Due to popular demand and the chance to create something special for our customers for Christmas, we decided to introduce the white LED Vanto+ and bring back the classic Misuro 32-inch and 22-inch in white. Both ranges have been performing extremely well and are already a hit in the lead up to Christmas,” he said.   

The Grundig Misuro 22-inch is RRP $399 (GLCD2208HDVW), the 32-inch is RRP $699 (GLCD3206HDV, GLCD3206HDVW) and the Vanto+ 24-inch is RRP $499 (GLED2407HDC).

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