LG now offering Channel 7 catch-up TV

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: LG Australia, which has quietly built up a decent IPTV proposition, has today announced the availability of Yahoo!7 catch-up TV service Plus7. Similar Channel 7 content is already available through Sony’s online platforms.

Plus7 joins Netflix, Vudu and Cinema Now in LG’s IPTV video content stream, and Pandora, which is a radio channel.

Plus7 allows users with compatible TVs to stream previously aired Channel 7 content. Somewhat amusingly, one of the shows that LG recommends in this announcement is Better Homes & Gardens, which has a close association with its fiercest rival, Samsung.

Talking up this announcement is LG senior marketing manager – home entertainment Tim Barnes.

“LG recognises that Australians have busy lifestyles and will sometimes miss their favourite TV shows. Through Plus7, LG customers have the convenience of catching up on the latest episodes at any time,” he said in a statement.

“LG is passionate about providing Australians with the best entertainment experience. This partnership with Yahoo!7 gives our customers the freedom to watch their favourite shows when they want through the best technology.”

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