Samsung encourages Gen Y to scrub up with a new washing machine

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Over 55 per cent of consumers believe their current washing machine is inefficient and uses too much hot water and electricity, according to a survey commissioned by Samsung.

The survey was planned to coincide with the launch of the Bubble Wash machine, which uses a new technology that Samsung claims offers up to a 60 per cent energy saving, in a far gentler wash.

This could bode well for Samsung as according to the survey, some respondents said they spent up to $1,000 a year on dry cleaning for fear that their washing machine would damage their clothes.

Mike Lilly, group senior product manager for white goods, Samsung, said consumers were not satisfied with the results of their current washing machines.

"Consumers are demanding reliability in their washing machines, but this research demonstrates that their demands aren’t being met by the current washing machines on the market,” Lilly said.

“The unique technology in the new Samsung Bubble Wash washing machine will hopefully be a welcome change in the market by offering technology which not only helps to protect clothes from potential damage, but helps to save money on energy bills by washing in cold water.”

The survey also revealed that almost half of the Gen Y respondents chose to wear dirty clothes two or three times before washing them. Samsung suggested this could be due to dissatisfaction with their current washing machine. 

Read James Wells' report from IFA 2010 about the Bubble Wash technology here.

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