3D TV sales booming with ASPs holding up: exclusive data

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sales in 3D TVs are providing retailers with new windows to profitability, and making up for price erosion in 2D TV sales, according to GfK Retail & Technology ANZ managing director Gary Lamb.

This growth is making up for a decline in average selling prices for 2D TVs, which has been largely attributed to the magnitude of suppliers in this category with less established, or private brand names.

“With the unrelenting growth in the TV market showing distinct signs of slowing recently, all eyes are on 3D for clues as to whether or not this is likely to be a Happy Christmas for suppliers and retailers,” said Lamb.

“Well, the first piece of good news is that of the roughly 40,000 3D and 3D-ready units sold in the 7 months since launch, almost 30 per cent were sold in the last month. That’s a clear sign that there’s momentum building.

Lamb said a major reason for this growth was that four major brands are now competing in this sector, with shares changing significantly, month-on-month, as respective new product introductions and promotional activities help to fuel the increasing volumes.

“But possibly the most positive aspect of the growth we’re witnessing,” continued Lamb, “is the effect that it is having on ASPs.

“Price erosion on 2D TVs, led by the volume of private label activity, has meant that, by September, the average price of a set had declined to $849. By contrast, the average price of 3D and 3D-ready sets in September was $2782.”

Lamb concluded by saying that with momentum and interest in 3D TVs, there is a strong potential for retailers to maximise sales through additional sales. He singled out 3D Blu-ray players and home theatres, cameras, camcorders, notebooks and extended warranties as key categories to target.

So, with an ASP more than triple that of a 2D TV, and the opportunities for generating additional sales from attachments such as 3D Blu-ray Players, 3D Home Theatre Systems, 3D Video and Games content; Cameras, Camcorders, Notebooks, and extended warranties, there are some serious opportunities for 3D in the run-up to this Christmas.”

Editor's Note: Last Friday's stories detailing Samsung's 89 per cent value share incorrectly suggested that GfK had provided this information. Only Samsung furnished this data to Current.com.au.

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