Buy an LG TV, get a free Xbox 360 with Kinect

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: LG Electronics has this morning revealed its Christmas TV promotion, with the Korean marketing giant giving away an Xbox 360 Kinect pack with the purchase of certain models. Also announced today is a supplementary promotion, in which consumers of a second batch of TVs will receive a second TV.

It has now become a ritual every November for the Big Four TV suppliers to jostle for sales by offering compelling promotions, and 2010 has certainly not disappointed (consumers, at least), with LG the final supplier of this elite group to announce its plans.

And an attractive plan it is. Up to 10,000 consumers of 1 of 13 LG TVs (the full list is below) will receive the Kinect for Xbox 360 bundle, which includes a 4GB Xbox 360 console, the Kinect accessory, three games and a 1-month subscription to Xbox Live. The total bundle, if sold separately, is RRP $839. This offer is valid until 31 December 2010.

LG also has 20,000 22-inch LG HD TVs (RRP $449) to give away to consumers of 14 different TV models. This offer is also valid until 31 December 2010.

Both of these promotions are available via redemption and carry a $39 postage and handling fee.

Participating Xbox 360 Kinect models: 55LX9500, 47LX9500, 55LX6500, 47LX6500, 42LX6500, 55LE7500, 47LE7500, 55LE5510, 47LE5510, 55LE5310, 47LE5310, 50PX950 and 60PX950.

Participating LG 22-inch TV models: 42LE7500, 42LE5510, 42LE5310, 42LE4500, 42LD460, 42LD560, 52LD560, 42LD650, 47LD650, 55LD650, 50PK550, 60PK550, 50PK750 and 60PK750.

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