Telstra sales boost hardware supplier’s profits

By Patrick Avenell

HONG KONG, PR CHINA: VTech’s ability to secure the Telstra fixed line supply contract has been cited as a major factor in a doubling of sales for the global telephone and communications vendor.

Revenue from VTech’s Asia Pacific operations grew 20.2 per cent for the six months to 30 September 2010. This brought the total revenue figure to US$51.1 million. That equates to 6.3 per cent of VTech’s global revenue. Sales of telephone products doubled in this region, with sales of US$16.2 million during this period.

“This was partly driven by sales increases in Australia, where we signed a licensing agreement with Telstra in June 2009. VTech is now the direct supplier of Telstra branded fixed line telephones,” reads the global press reads.

For the remaining six months of VTech’s financial year, caution is being advised.

“The group faces an environment that is unusually uncertain, which makes forecasting for the second half of the financial year difficult. In most of the group’s major markets, unemployment remains high, governments are cutting budgets and consumer sentiment is subdued.”

VTech is currently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Australian operations are conducted by VTech Telecommunications (Australia).

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