Volta vacuums visage reinvigorated, plus new model released

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Electrolux has sent its Volta range to the beautician, with the value-for-money brand receiving a facelift in the lead up to the crucial Christmas selling period. Additionally, a new model has been released at a competitive price point.

According to product marketing manager Julian Huitfeldt, who was quoting GfK figures, Volta is the leading brand of canister vacuum cleaners under $200 in the Australian market.

“The principle behind the face lift was to emphasise the brand, product specifications and new product colours in a simple way,” Huitfeldt said.

“At lower price points, the silent salesman credentials are critical. We want our Volta products to stand out from the rest, in a smart looking, uncomplicated way.”

The latest Volta vac released in Australia is the Signum (U4013), which is RRP $149. This is a 2,000-watt cleaner with bagless cyclonic action, HEPA filter and turbo pet and combination nozzles.

The new Volta Signum (U4013, RRP $149).

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