Rheem issues recall on seven water heat pumps

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Rheem Australia has today issued a nationwide voluntary recall on seven of its self-branded and Everhot branded heat pumps. These pumps were sold nationally between 1 September 2008 and 1 October 2010.

There are four Rheem brand pumps being recalled: 451325, 551325, 551410, 554325 and 561325. And there are three Everhots being recalled: 261270, 261325 and 261410.

Across all seven recalled products, the capacities are limited to three measurements: 270 litres, 325 litres and 410 litres.

This recall has been issued to the extremely small chance that if the pump is left unattended, a rupture of the compressor is possible.

“…An injury might occur if someone was in close proximity to the compressor at the time of the rupture,” according to the recall. “There have been no known injuries and this recall is being undertaken as a precaution.”

Consumers who notice their heat pump demonstrating short bursts of extreme vibration should immediately turn off their pump at the switchboard and call Rheem on 1800 063 018 to arrange a service call.

Other consumers of these heat pumps are advised to contact Rheem in order to have their ownership logged for a future service call.

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