Camera House strengthening with new website and marketing infrastructure

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nikon and Canon were both winners at the Camera House Annual General Meeting and Awards night held recently in Sydney. This event also marked the first day on ecommerce for Camera House, with the photographic specialty group now offering a range of services through its new website.

General manager Paul Shearer, who is celebrating a decade of service this year, presented Nikon with the Supplier of the Year Award, whilst Canon picked up the Chairman’s Award for innovation.

In the internal awards section, Louise Miller from the Griffith Camera House was named Member of the Year. There were three members named Outstanding Members of the Year: Russell and Tania Payne (Midland CH), Nigel Roper (Croydon CH) and Brett Peters (Peters CH). Lisa Frost from Bentleys Camera House at Pacific Fair won the Joshua Shearer Award for Photographer of the Year.

In addition to announcing the new website, Paul Shearer also revealed details of new creative and production software that has been specifically developed for Camera House. This will allow members to create their own point of sale, ticketing and PR material from one central database.

“The financial strengths and opportunities were presented to the shareholders showing an overall growth of 1.2%; whilst this appears small, like-on-like trading provided a much higher growth factor.

“The company’s Balance Sheet and cash flow position remained exceptionally strong whilst there was major capital expenditure on infrastructure and technology advancements for the year commencing 2011,” said a spokesperson in a statement.

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