Apple, Sony and Cuisinart the stars of new David Jones online store

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: David Jones has this morning opened its online store for trading. With the upmarket department store looking to improve its brand in the wake of the Mark McInnes sex scandal, this development gives the retailer the chance to talk up positives rather than attempt damage control.

The centrepiece of DJs’ online consumer electronics coverage is its Apple range. Whether by design or happy alphabetical ordering, Apple has pride of place at the top of the page, with 13 SKUs available to consumers. The supplier with the most products on offer is Sony, with 18, however its range are buried towards the bottom of the page.

Also represented are Panasonic, Bose, Bush, Grundig, Livescribe and Pure.

Over in the small appliances tab, surprise packet Cuisinart leads the charge, with 16 different products available. Next up is Kenwood with 14, whilst Dyson has 7. In the ongoing battle between Sunbeam and Breville, the red corner is winning, with 9 Sunbeam products available compared to 6 for the blue Breville.

Most interesting about David Jones online store is the pricing. Whilst online retailing has become a race to the bottom in terms of pricing, every single technology and small appliance product appears to be on sale for its RRP.

To check out the new David Jones online store, click here.

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