Dyson has spent years researching how people clean their homes in order to engineer product solutions that work properly.

Dyson’s latest product, Dyson Digital Slim, has been designed to tackle in-between cleans which have previously been done with the traditional dustpan and broom.

Powered by Dyson’s digital motor, DC35 is the most power efficient cordless vacuum cleaner available, and because it features Dyson's patented cyclone technology, it doesn’t lose suction.


Other cordless vacuum cleaners struggle with even simple cleaning tasks. In fact, they can lose up to half their suction power in use. Batteries fade, reducing power available and their filters clog with dust, blocking the airflow.

James Dyson: “We've fine tuned our digital motor to make the Dyson Digital Slim powerful yet efficient. Made from strong, lightweight materials, it has more suction power than any other cordless vacuum.”

Engineered with the weight in hand, the Dyson machine manoeuvres easily and removes fine dust from hard floors as well as reaching cobwebs and deep-cleaning the stairs. It weighs just 2.25 kg – the same as a bag of flour and offers up to 15 minutes of constant suction.

Anti-static carbon fibre Motorised floor tool
Ultra-fine carbon fibre brushes reduce static build-up, capturing fine dust from hard floors while stiff nylon brushes spin up to 1,400 times a minute to remove ground-in dirt from carpet. The Motorised floor tool attaches to the wand or directly to the machine.

Dyson digital motor
The Dyson digital motor uses intelligent electronics that constantly adjust to create a powerful magnetic field – spinning a neodymium magnet up to 104,000 times a minute or five times faster than a racing car motor. Conventional motors rely on carbon brushes which spark, wear down and emit carbon dust. 

Lithium-ion technology
Running on a lithium-ion battery pack, the machine releases its charge evenly so there is no drop in performance. 

Detachable, long-reach wand
At 66cm long, the lightweight aluminium wand attaches directly to the machine and has a balanced weight distribution for easy handling and quick reach for ceilings and hard to reach places.

Docking station and remote charging
The Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner can be recharged from the docking station or remotely by removing the battery from the machine and plugging in the charger. It recharges up to three times faster than others.

Dual-power mode
A Max button on the back of the machine allows you to switch modes from up to 15 minutes of constant suction to 6 minutes of higher suction to deal with stubborn dirt, trodden-in cereal or muddy footprints.

The DC35 can also be used as a handheld depending on cleaning tasks and features
one-touch bin emptying, so disposing of dirt and dust is easy and hygienic.

Powerful, convenient cleaning when and where you need it – up top, down below and in-between.

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