Big move into new category by Black and Stone

By Patrick Avenell

WOLLONGONG, NSW: Seasonal and outdoor appliance specialists Black and Stone has taken a giant leap into the well-being category. This move pits them against the established campaigners Homedics and FitZone Solutions.

Since launching three years ago, Black and Stone has focused on flame heaters and barbeque products, so the news that it has picked up the distribution rights to BodyMedia Fit, an American fitness electronics supplier was not one widely predicted. In a statement to the media, managing director Graham Brake said Black and Stone had spotted a developing category and wanted to be part of the predicted boom.

“We have been closely watching the US markets and have seen an increasing synergy between the appliance industry and the rapidly expanding fitness and wellness industry,” he said. “

“The bridge is being created by advancements in design technology which straddle both markets.”

 In the United States, BodyMedia products are sold at gyms, on the company’s online site and through a reseller programme.

As part of this move into heretofore unchartered territory, Black and Stone has appointed a new director of health and medical products. Tim Gresham is the new man in this post. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration, meaning he is possible the most perfectly qualified person for this role.

There are three SKUs in the BodyMedia Fit range at launch:

Armband: RRP $429. This includes three months access to the BodyMedia o-line Activity Manager.
BodyMedia Fit Armband and Wearable Display: RRP $499. This includes three months access to the BodyMedia Activity Manager.
BodyMedia Fit wearable display: RRP $199.

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