Sony price points keep falling

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Sony has announced the drop of another price point, this time for the PlayStation PlayTV. The fall follows last week’s new price point for the portable PSPgo.

Sony has said the new PlayTV RRP of $149, down from RRP $169, is to celebrate a “sales milestone” of 100,000 units sold in Australia within the year.

A Harvey Norman spokesperson told that the original high price point usually deterred customers in the Sydney store.

“If the price drops it’ll probably sell better. I have a PlayStation and I hadn’t bought [a PlayTV] because I thought it [cost] too much. I think it’s good that a big company like Sony can do something like that to make it easier for the customer,” said the Harvey Norman salesperson.

Michael Ephraim, managing director, Sony computer entertainment Australia, said the amount of new content for consumers was sure to continue driving sales.

“2010 has seen a flood of content consumption choices like we’ve never before experienced in Australia, making the selling of 100,000 PlayTV units since late November last year especially significant for PlayStation,” said Ephraim.

“This news comes after a huge six months which has not only seen strong software sales for the PlayStation platform along with firmware upgrades to deliver 3D gaming, but also more catch-up TV and on-demand movies added to the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network, our online portal to a world of entertainment content.

“With PlayStation 3 and a nifty PlayTV peripheral, it means now more than ever Australians can easily enjoy a games console that is also a complete and value driven home entertainment solution. The family can play or watch what they want, exactly when they want, and now, even more affordably.”

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