Gizmo on the hunt for new consumers and retailers

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Consumer electronics retailers looking for a new product line should investigate after sales service providers, according to Ben Ashton, the CEO of Gizmo. His organisation provides in home and remote technical assistance to PC and Mac users, with the service currently marketed to consumers inside JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores.

With packaging looking deceptively like an iTunes gift card, Gizmo targets inexperienced new computer and software owners who either require assistance to set up their new system or are too time-poor to do the job themselves. Customers of his service either receive a visit from a Gizmo technician (either a franchisee or an employee) or ring up a call centre, with Gizmo able to set up a home network, install software and connect a gaming console to the TV, amongst other options.

Ashton is currently on both a consumer and retailer drive, with the Australian company (which is based on the successful American Geek Squad venture) looking for both word-of-mouth recommendations from new consumers and new retailers to stock the product.

To that end, Gizmo has cut a deal with JB Hi-Fi to offer 50 per cent off the two current service options (in home, normally RRP $179; and phone, normally RRP $99). Furthermore, Gizmo has set up ‘Tech Benches’ inside Harvey Norman stores including Auburn (NSW) and Oxley (Queensland).

“We’re keen to get the brand out there in the hands of more people,” Ashton said. “We’ve got some targeted marketing planned, focusing on affluent but busy consumers, such as those in the northern and eastern suburbs [of Sydney].”

In addition to selling its core product – service – Gizmo has also partnered with Dell and Netgear to sell hardware as required to consumers. They are also experimenting with selling broadband in Melbourne and Brisbane, having partnered with iiNet.

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