Learn from Bing Lee’s mistake: ACCC

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued another warning to keep retailers on their toes about how and where they advertise 3D merchandise.

The ACCC said its action has resulted in corrective steps being taken by Bing Lee after it was discovered advertising the sale of 3D TVs to watch the 2010 AFL and NRL grand finals in areas where the 3D broadcast would not be available.

Graeme Samuel, the ACCC chairman, said it would remain watchful for misleading advertising by retailers for new technologies like 3D.

"The ACCC is on alert when it comes to representations made by retailers of new and emerging technologies like 3D television. It is the ACCC's role to ensure consumers are given accurate information about the uses and capabilities of new technologies, particularly when they are usually expensive items," said Samuel.

The chairman said the ACCC was pleased with Bing Lee’s action to publish corrective notices in this week after concerns were raised with its advertising of 3D TVs in the lead up to the grand finals, as reported on Current.com.au.

"The ACCC is pleased with the cooperative and proactive response that Bing Lee has taken to correct its conduct. As soon as the ACCC raised the issue with Bing Lee, it took swift action to address the ACCC's concerns. Bing Lee immediately wrote to all customers who had recently bought a 3D TV but who live outside the broadcast area and offered them a full refund.”

In a statement the ACCC has reminded consumers that the AFL grand final replay this Saturday will not be broadcast in 3D. The NRL grand final will only be broadcast in 3D in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Perth.

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