Colombo by Oricom. It’s fashion talk.

Oricom is set to make communication a ‘beautiful thing’ this Christmas, bringing home its fashion connections with the stunning Colombo One cordless phone.

Giving you an ideal gift to really talk to your customers about in the lead up to Christmas, Colombo One was created by former Nokia senior designer, Tej Chauhan of ChauhanStudio's in the UK.



It was inspired by the work of legendary, forward-thinking Italian designer Joe Colombo. That means a space age look for the home phone, reminiscent of the early Ericofon models of the 50s and 60s, while keeping all the functionality required in the modern day – a full keyboard and digital screen – as well as the classic handset shape.

The ergonomic shape combined with its retro futuristic design and smooth body in a matt finish makes the Colombo One cordless phone instantly appealing. Going beyond the pure aesthetics ChauhanStudio's intention is to re-establish that classic relationship between the user and the phone in a way that prioritises comfort.
A philosophy aligned with Oricom, “we give you the choice of products that ensures you can talk where you want, when you want” explains Managing Director Kevin McDonnell.

“The real purpose of a phone is to stay connected with family and friends, especially over the Christmas period. Colombo One provides a perfect
Christmas gift that enhances the pleasure and purpose of connection”.
Behind the lucid design Colombo One utilises clear crisp DECT technology. Its functionality includes many useful features such as answering system, hands-free capability, 10 ringtones, 100 number phonebook and caller display with 50 entry call.

Sold as a twin pack, expandable for up to five handsets, Colombo One is available from November, RRP $149.

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